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The 2013 Glastonbury Festival commenced yesterday with festival-goers arriving with tents, flower crowns, and wellies in tow. The Somerset event lasts for four days, with many concert-goers roosting in groups—the more the merrier, right? This year's performances will feature major acts, including Arctic Monkeys (set to hit stages Friday), The Rolling Stones, Mumford & Sons and country legend Kenny Rogers.

In years past, festival trends have been similar to the hippie-wear found at Coachella: denim cut-offs, military boots, flowing button-downs or maxi dresses are par for the rockin' course—but this year stands to add a few new trends in the mix! We expect to see midi skirts (the better to show your boots with), sneaker wedges, and feather headdresses making their way into the festival-fashion lexicon.

But to start, have your basic gear ready, like a pair of comfy bottoms, a lightweight anorak, matching rain boots, and decorative headwear. The weather can change quickly—from mud-inducing showers to a sunny, damp heat, so it's best to have your sunglasses and a durable raincoat on hand.

We particularly like a pair from Warby Parker (Percey in Cream Soda), and a Topshop anorak in a deep military green with plaid detailing. Rain boots could go from the classic short or tall Hunter styles, to something fun and printed (like a polka-dotted Cath Kidston pair from Asos). And what would a festival be without some sort of flower wreath? A faux floral-topped headband makes the style easier to wear (and less likely to wilt).

But Glasto girls aren't always toting flowers: Supermodel Kate Moss is one famous attendee who has put a more minimalist look in action, attending past Glastonbury Festivals in black ensembles (including the ubiquitous mud-smeared wellingtons). Other celebs who have attended the event include Emma Watson (who likely went to the festival in one of her eight pairs of shoes), Sienna Miller (who was seen greeting actor Chris O'Dowd at this year's fest in black shorts, lace-up boots and a printed jacket) and Alexa Chung (who brought her boho sensibility this year in a floppy hat, camel peacoat, and dark skinnies).

Click to our gallery to see festival-goers' 2013 Glastonbury style!

PHOTOS: 2013 Glastonbury Festival Style

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