People around the world love the sound of Beyoncé's voice. But Queen Bey herself can't stand it—well, at least not her speaking voice!

"I hate hearing myself speak," the singer, who voiced the animated character of Queen Tara in Epic, told Australia's The Project. "I think everyone does. I hear my little crazy voice coming out of this beautiful, regal woman—I'm like, 'This is really strange, but I love it.'"

"Just seeing yourself animated and seeing yourself doing something you could never do in real life—I've always thought, for whatever reason, that would be supercool," Jay-Z's love explained.

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The fantasy-adventure flick features the voices of other Hollywood heavyweights like Amanda Seyfried, Colin Farrell, Christoph Waltz, Steven Tyler and Josh Hutcherson, but Beyoncé thinks her name might've been a bit of a concern for those working on the project early on.

"I worked with the director [Chris Wedge] and I think he was—in the beginning—a bit nervous. Because I'm, you know, a one-namer, and usually we're divas," she said laughingly. "But I told him, 'Listen, just tell me whatever you have to tell me! I love direction. I'm here to be your muse.' And we had fun."

Voice-over work for Epic was "the first thing" Beyoncé did work-wise after giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy Carter in January 2012. "So I was so full of joy and emotion and—yes, hormones," she said. "And literally, I was bawling!"

The interviewer told Bey that it would be "such an honor" for a little girl to get to watch her mom's movie. "It's why I did it!" Beyoncé gushed. "I showed her a few of the scenes. She's still young, so her attention span is about 20 minutes, but she did see it. She was like, 'Wait a minute. That's you!' So I think she figured it out. She seemed to be impressed."

How could anyone not be impressed with Beyoncé?! She balances motherhood, married life, movies, music and a world tour—and somehow manages to make it all look easy! But don't you worry about Mrs. Carter overdoing it.

"If I do things that I love, then it works out, and I find time [for myself]. And I'm passionate about it," she said. "So, I think that's the key to life. It's just finding what you love—and as long as it comes from that passion—my body is like a machine!"

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