Sandra Bullock Unleashes the F-Bomb on The Tonight Show—Watch Now!

The Heat actress playfully uncorks her potty mouth during a hilarious chat with Jay Leno

By Alexis L. Loinaz Jun 27, 2013 1:12 PMTags
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Sandy, oh, Sandy: our ears!

The Heat star Sandra Bullock hopped on over to The Tonight Show to promote her new buddy-cop film with Melissa McCarthy, and, in a rat-a-tat chat with host Jay Leno, the 48-year-old actress reminded everyone of just why she gives some the best and most memorable interviews in the biz.

It all started when the host asked Bullock about all the cussing that goes on in the movie—apparently, there's no shortage of it.

"Tell me about the language in the film—is this the real Sandy Bullock?" Leno wondered.

"Yes, the truck driver mouth is the way," Bullock quipped. "It's great—we have a 190 F-bombs, most of them being Melissa's, so I am chaste in that world. And then at the end I sort of learn how to…when you drop them you're just cooler, I'm cooler when I drop them."

"Now, do you chat like that in real life?" Leno asked.

"Not in front of children" was Bullock's response.

This provided the perfect setup for the host to prod his star into giving viewers a taste of that potty mouth—TV censors be damned.

"Any children here tonight?" Leno teased, before Bullock gamely took the lead.

"You know it just makes me f--king cool when I drop them!" she cracked as the audience burst into laughter and applause.

Of course, if there's anything we've learned from the Oscar-winning actress, it's that she's always game for a good laugh.

Last fall, she did a hilarious sketch with Chelsea Handler in which both gals went boob to boob in the shower in nothing but their birthday suits. And on Monday, the star returned to Chelsea Lately to fondly reminisce about the experience—and to settle some beef with Handler about the amount of, um, pixelation that was used to cover up their assets.

"There's less here," Bullock deadpanned, pointing to her chest, "than there is on her side," referring to Chelsea's boobage.

"They just covered up my areolas!" the actress quipped, groaning about the pixelation that was added, which was "like one square!"

Here's hoping she also does a return engagement with Leno soon—you'll never know what that encore might bring.