While most view Etsy as a homey, handmade haven, once in a blue moon, a crafteur will venture out beyond the typical, vintage-jackalope-thermos-cozie loom. Most recently, this has happened with the introduction of homemade pet accessories. But before you go on a stone cold species-specific shopping spree, keep in mind they're very strict with their return policy. Really, we have no idea why.


This seller clearly bought a duck because she wanted a farm, NOT so she could have a pet duck to take to a She & Him concert. But her plan backfired when the duck showed its true colors, which didn't depart much from poop green.  Also, she just downgraded to part-time at the indie record label, so she could really use the extra cash! Buy now. And remember: NO RETURNS.

duck diaper


Uh sorry, but is this even vintage?? Most chickens like sweaters from before 1993, and this probably wouldn't even pass for Benetton. Still, this chicken will rock it, so what.

chicken sweater


We tried to join in on the animal hype, but for some unknown reason, Etsy shut down our shop. It's really sad for pigs who actually need the prosthetic*--and who would want to wear it ironically, like, making fun of Louis Vuitton. 


*It can double as a satchel for your pig's sparkly flats, and for smuggling PBRs into Coachella.

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