Paula Deen, Howard Stern

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images; Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Howard Stern has made a career out of pushing the envelope.

On a recent show, the radio host discussed Paula Deen and the N-word fallout that has cost the chef numerous jobs and partnerships.

Stern originally came to the celebrity chef's defense after hearing the reports surrounding the ordeal.

"I mean...are we really gonna say that if someone takes the stand and admits to using the n-word...and is being honest...I'm just wondering...Why is she losing her job?" he asked on air.

After a heated discussion, Stern reviewed her apology video and couldn't stop himself from laughing. He also played more interviews of Deen in the past and decided to take a new stance on the controversy.

Stern ultimately decided that Deen was "racist" and rescinded his earlier comments siding with the 66-year-old.

Earlier today, Deen appeared remorseful in a tearful interview on the Today show.

When Matt Lauer asked if she was a racist, she promptly replied, "No, I'm not."

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