Michael J Fox

Twitter, Djamilla Rosa Cochran/WireImage.com

Michael J. Fox is Canadian (translation: Michael J. Fox is a hockey fan), so it comes as no surprise that the entire family was following the race for this year's Stanley Cup.

"Congrats to the Hawks...this year's top dog," the actor tweeted early this morning along with a pic of his dog Gus licking what looked to be a cookie in the shape of a hockey puck decorated with the Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks' logo.

About an hour later, addressing those who seemed alarmed by the treat's chocolatey appearance, Fox tweeted, "For all those of you who are concerned Gus, the dog, ate no chocolate. Don't worry."

But the Blackhawks weren't the only team represented in the Edmonton native's house. 

"Much as it kills me... Gotta stick a fork in the spokes," Fox lamented along with a picture of a fork digging into a treat stamped with a big "B" for this year's also-rans, the Boston Bruins.

Chicago edged Boston 3-2 in the sixth game of the Stanley Cup finals, the team's second NHL championship in four seasons and the fifth in its 87-year existence.

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