Love songs are a dime a dozen. "I love you. I miss you. Blah blah blah." Call us crotchety cynics if you will but, to us, the love song just seems a little played out.

Which is why we find Taher Shah's irresistible ballad Eye To Eye so refreshing. Rather than trying to cram every cliché there is into his majestic musical expression of yearning, Mr. Shan honed in on one topic and one topic only. You guessed it: eyes. Eyes looking at eyes. Those eyes looking back at the eyes that are eyeing them. Y'know, eye stuff.



It worked, Mr. Shah. A few minutes of staring into those heavenly orbs of yours and you have stolen our hearts away. We want you and only y—what's that? You weren't talking to us? Oh. Well, this is a little awkward. We'll just leave you alone with...yourself, we guess.

Before we go though, there's something we want to say. 

Cherish every moment, Tarseh. You're lucky to have you.

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