Jared Leto, Candy Magazine

Terry Richardson for Candy Magazine

Jared Leto makes for one very pretty woman.

The 30 Seconds to Mars rocker appears in full drag on the cover of the new issue of Candy magazine.

Leto wears a shaggy short pink wig, pale makeup, cherry red lipstick and long fake eyelashes that make his blue eyes pop.

His mouth is open and he holds his tongue up to his top teeth. Jared also appears to be wearing a pink blouse.

Think Katy Perry meets Barbie.

The top cover line reads, "There's no people, like show people." On the bottom, it simply says, "Oh, Jared Leto!"

This isn't Leto's only recent foray into cross-dressing. He plays a transsexual with AIDS in the 80s in The Dallas Buyers Club, his upcoming indie that's also his first film in five years.

James Franco also appeared in full drag on the cover of Candy about three years ago.

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