Prancercise Lady, Funny Or Die

Funny Or Die

There's nothing worse than a phenomenon like the Prancercise Lady popping up after Saturday Night Live has already wrapped for the season, when it's too late for SNL standout Kate McKinnon or whoever is guest hosting that week (Cameron Diaz? Emma Stone?) to slap on a poufy wig and pink sweater and get their prance on.

Cue Funny or Die, who created a spoof of the viral clip featuring 2 Broke Girls star Beth Behrs as Joanna Rohreback herself and costarring Nigel Lythgoe ("Nigel Lythgoe") and Adam Shankman.

The skit tackles Joanna's eclectic fashion sense ("Your attire should look like a head-to-toe mullet: Tea Party on top. Rejected mime on the bottom!") and prancercising itself ("No one will mug you because they'll assume you've give up on your meds and are trying to climb a building upside down. Oh yeah!").

But we still want to see Kate McKinnon's take on it.

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