Kristen Wiig can appreciate having another funny person around.

The Despicable Me 2 star spoke with E! News during the film's premiere over the weekend and shared how happy she felt to be a part of a kid's movie that also stars Steve Carell.

"I think there's something really special about being part of a children's film, too, because I think when you are a kid you kinda remember all those movies that meant something to you and if I'm a part of that, I think that's amazing and I loved the first one and Steve Carell--I mean it kind of had all the ingredients."

Speaking of Carell, isn't she sick of being around him all the time by now?

"Yes," she joked, but then added, "You kind of can't get sick of Steve Carell. You just can't."

Plus, who will teach you the secret way of killing huge, scary flies?

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