Emma Watson's character in The Bling Ring may have been inspired by Alexis Neiers, but the former Pretty Wild star's current life couldn't be more different from the big-screen story.

The 22-year-old sat down with E!'s Giuliana Rancic to discuss the Sofia Coppola-directed flick, while also spilling on her tumultuous past and the life lessons she's learned along the way.

"No," Neiers said when asked if she's seen the film. "With an 8-week-old baby there's just no way."

VIDEO: Watch the trailer for The Bling Ring

However, the mother to little Harper isn't opposed to seeing the movie inspired by the real-life band of teenagers who burglarized a slew of celebrity homes.

"Of course I would go and see it," she admitted. "I have to remind myself that it's a dramatization of actual events and people are like, ‘Are you going to be upset by it?' Honestly, no, I'm in a good place now, so why not have a laugh at myself."

Sounds like the right approach.

When asked if she takes responsibility for the robberies, Neiers responded without hesitation:

"Yeah, now looking back there were some sketchy warning signs," the former reality star, who served jail time for her role in robbing Orlando Bloom's home, confessed. "Second of all, my behavior during that time period was not pretty."

She added: "I feel really bad. I feel really bad for the victims, I can't image how intrusive that must feel. It must be terrible."

So what lessons has Neiers learned from her pretty wild past?

"Life is beautiful. I came from a place where I thought my life was over and I was just going to die a junkie," she said, holding back tears. "And to be in the place where it's like, so good, I almost feel like I don't deserve it sometimes. But then I have to remember how hard I've worked. It's beautiful and you're worth it."

And now the brunette beauty—who met her hubby in Alcoholics Anonymous—is enjoying a sober life as a wife and new mom.

"That's the biggest lesson is that I don't have to be a victim anymore," she said. "And now I have a baby girl."

And Neiers looks forward to one day sharing her story with her daughter.

"I think it's going to be a beautiful thing that I can be honest with her about where it came from and that, when the time is right of course, share these things with her and to be healed with them."

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