Michael Jackson: A Look Back at 7 of His Greatest Music Videos

King of Pop was known for his music and his videos

By Lily Harrison Jun 25, 2014 11:00 AMTags
Michael JacksonEbet Roberts/Getty Images

As well as being a hitmaker, dancer, actor and all-round performer, Michael Jackson revolutionized music videos.

The King of Pop created so many video masterpieces that it's hard to pick which were the most groundbreaking.

On the five-year anniversary of his death, E! News takes a look back at seven of his most memorable music videos that were game changers for the music industry. Check them out now!

1. "Thriller": This goes without saying, the music video for the single set the gold standard for what was to come from the singer. The almost 14-minute version was MTV's first world premiere video and a defining moment in his illustrious career. Plus, zombies!

2. "Billie Jean": Who could forget the suit, the famous white socks and the lit-up steps as Jackson showed off his trademark dance moves. The video incorporated so many of his signature styles that it will forever live on as one of the singer's most iconic videos.

3. "Black or White": The 1991 video debuted with an audience of over 500 million viewers, which was the most-watched music video ever at the time. The technique used to morph people's faces onto one another was rare at the time and was met with rave reviews.

4. "Bad": The full 18-minute short film was directed by none other than Martin Scorsese and took cues from West Side Story. Jackson's 1986 hit quickly became one of the most famous songs and videos to date.

5. "Scream": This music video made headlines after it was revealed that it cost approximately $7 million to make. It also caused a stir because it starred the singer's famous sister, Janet Jackson.

6. "Remember the Time": In 1992, Jackson starred alongside Eddie Murphy, Iman, Magic Johnson and more in the Egyptian-themed video.

7. "Smooth Criminal": The 1987 video unveiled his classic anti-gravity lean forward and was later adapted into a short film that was the centerpiece of the film Moonwalker.

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