Greetings from the green carpet!

Right now I'm in between interviews at the CW soiree but had to share these videos with you from the NBC party, 'cause they're, um, awesome.

See Rainn Wilson rock my world with some spicy Office spinoff scoop (Schrute to Kill? Um, can someone pitch this, pronto?), and then watch in awe as he turns the microphone on the one and only Donald Trump.

And please, does it get any cuter/hotter/better than John Krasinski? He's spilling on the future of Jam—and why Jim could be headed to Japan! WTF?! Plus, see why he almost gave me a heart attack on the carpet! (Here's a hint: Bended knee and a ring! Enough said...)

Finally, Tina Fey talks about the big "O." (No, not that, silly!) "O" as in the divine Miss Oprah Winfrey, who offered her screen-time services to 30 Rock when Tina and her gal-pal Amy Poehler recently came her talk show to pump their own big-screen baby, Baby Mama. So what do you think? Is Oprah coming to 30 Rock


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