Kate Middleton, Prince William

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Place your bets!

That's just what folks are doing when it comes to predicting what Kate Middleton and Prince William plan on calling their royal baby.

So, which name is the current favorite?

Well, Nicola McGeady, public relations manager of Coral bookmakers, tells E! News the top picks so far are that the royal baby will be "named Alexandra, is going to arrive on July the 17th, weigh seven pounds, brunette, female."

McGeady adds, "In terms of novelty betting right now, people in the UK have just gone royal baby mad and they are placing wagers on literally everything from gender of the baby...to who is going to hold the child when they leave the hospital, whether it's going to be Will or Kate."

The betting, McGeady says, has become so intense because the royal family is so popular now in the UK and bets are coming in from all around the globe.

"The freanzy is just massive because it's the first child in the royal family that we have had in a very, very long time," notes McGeady. "It's caused more excitement than ever before."

Meanwhile, as the guessing continues, new details emerged last week about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby plans, including that the parents-to-be do not know themselves the sex of the baby.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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