Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Carlton Gebbia And Joyce Giraud In, Taylor Armstrong Out?

Exclusive! Armstrong has "barely" been filming, says source

By Jenna Mullins, Melanie Bromley Jun 21, 2013 10:00 PMTags
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Room for two more?

E! News has exclusively learned that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud will be joining the show as full-fledged housewives.

Sources close to production tell us that Giraud has already been making waves on the show, quickly befriending Kyle and Kim Richards and making an enemy of Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump.

"Joyce is definitely Team Kyle," one source explains. "But she gets on the nerves of nearly everyone else. She's very ‘me, me, me.' She makes every situation about her. It's insensitive and exhausting."

As for Gebbia, we're told that she has yet to take sides in the Kyle and Lisa drama saga, but Vanderpump is anxious to take the fellow Brit under her wing.

Is there room for seven Real Housewives? Maybe, but a second source reveals that Taylor Armstrong may not be returning to the series in a full-time role.

"Taylor's been filming, but barely," says the insider. "And she's no longer on salary. Her current deal is pay-for-play. She only gets paid for the days that she shoots. As of now, that hasn't been a lot."

Bravo has no comment on the casting.