Pixar Split

Disney Enterprises, Inc & Pixar Animation Studios

In Pixar's latest, the prequel Monsters University—opening June 21—we learn how mismatched monsters Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) became lifelong friends. That got us thinking about our own lengthy love-fest with the CGI animation studio that has produced a staggering string of hits since 1995.

Even as Pixar has racked up receipts and awards, they haven't strayed from their focus on creating unique, emotionally authentic characters and stories—from a lonely waste-disposal robot to a rat with culinary aspirations to toys experiencing an existential crisis.

But which Pixar movies are the most incredible (hint, hint)—and which should be left in the Radiator Springs junkyard? Check out our top 10 Pixar movies, and then be a PFF (Pixar Friend Forever, duh) and tell us your picks. 

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