Smash, Southland, The New Normal, Happy Endings


Moment of silence, y'all!

Today's round of voting in our 2013 Golden Remote Awards pays respect to the stars and series we've lost this season, including long-running staples such as The Office, Private Practice and Fringe, as well as beloved actors like Smash's Katharine McPhee and Doctor Who's Matt Smith.

Though we're still healing from the emotional wounds left by these series and stars leaving our TV screens (sniff!), we can't think of a better way to ease our suffering than by forcing you to choose which one will leave the biggest hole in your heart (and TV schedule) come the fall TV season!

We had to say goodbye to lots of spectacular shows (ahem, Fringe and 30 Rock, ahem) and fan-favorite actors (missing you already, cast of The Office!) this past season. While some left because it was their time, others were brutally taken from us by the cancellation reaper. To make sure your beloved series and star knows just how much you'll miss 'em, check out the nominees below and pick the ones that will take you the longest to get over.

Voting for all of the Golden Remote categories ends on July 5 at 9 p.m. PT. Help spread the word on Twitter so you can campaign for your favorites:

Go get your vote on, people!

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