Chrissy Teigen. GQ

Thomas Whiteside/GQ

Chrissy Teigen is used to not holding back.

The funnygal is well known for speaking her mind on Twitter and sharing intimate pictures on Instagram. So it was NBD for the model to strip down for a sexy spread in GQ magazine's July Issue.


After all, John Legend's fiancée has shown nearly all of her fit figure in skimpy bikini's in Sports Illustrated, but this time she skipped the swimsuits. Instead the star donned only one small accessory: a pair of Mac Jacobs' peep toes.

Mind you, she slyly covered her assets by crossing her arms and legs, just so, while leaning against an open window.

Speaking with the magazine about her keep-it-real attitude, the 27-year-old shared she often regrets her postings. "All the time! But not really a regret that I thought it, just that I said it."

Like the time she shared a nude photo on Instagram. "My naked-spray-tan thing comes to mind," she said. "What no one knows is that my mom took it! My mom frickin' threw me under the bus!"

As for her seductive new GQ pic? Well, that was all Chrissy doing.

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