Jennie Garth Joins CW's 90210 Spinoff

By Kristin Dos Santos May 10, 2008 7:27 PMTags
Jennie GarthAaron Rapoport/FOX

You gotta love the loyalty! Jennie Garth, who was the Queen B of her day back on the original Beverly Hills, 90210 and stayed with the series for its entire run, is officially on board for the spinoff.

According to CBS Paramount, which produces the series for the CW network, "Garth will make special guest appearances as her original character, Kelly Taylor, a guidance counselor at her alma mater, West Bev High, where our new characters attend high school."

In an industry where divas with 'tudes so often bite the hands that fed/feed them, it's just plain nice to see that Jennie is still down with the franchise that made her famous. (Dare we hope for a What I Like About You spinoff next? I miss my Jennie-Amanda Bynes tag team!)

Of course, Jennie's all grown up, and does have three kids of her own now, so franchise loyalty aside, the paycheck is no doubt appreciated. (She raises the rugrats with her man, Peter Facinelli, who was himself just cast in a pilot, Showtime's comedy about nurses led by Edie Falco.)

What do you guys think? Is it a good plan? And whatever happened to that fashion-industry thing Kelly was doing with Donna? Post your thoughts in the comments!