James Gandolfini, The Sopranos

Craig Blankenhorn / HBO

Hollywood is in mourning.

James Gandolfini has died today at 51 and, while the versatile actor had a jam-packed career, he is arguably most well-known for his work as Tony Soprano on the critically beloved HBO drama The Sopranos.

In honor of Gandolfini's Emmy Award-winning work as the mob boss, here are Tony Soprano's five best moments from the hit series' six-year run...

1. "The Second Coming," Season 6: Tony receives a major wake-up call when his son A.J. attempts suicide. Even just thinking of Tony clutching his dear son, murmuring "Come on, baby," gives us chills.

2. "Whitecaps," Season 4: After seasons of lies and cheating, the Sopranos' marriage finally comes to an end in a scene between Gandolfini and Edie Falco that every aspiring actor should be required by law to watch. Raw, intense and fearless, both stars deliver performances for the ages.

3. "College," Season 1: Arguably one of the series' best episodes ever, "College" saw Tony taking his daughter Meadow on a trip to visit colleges—and taking his first life (in front of us, anyway) when he strangles a former mobster turned snitch who was in the Witness Protection Program. Gandolfini perfectly walked the delicate line between doting father and ruthless killer in the stellar outing. (He did win his first Emmy after season one, after all.)

4. "Funhouse," Season 2: Gandolfini expertly runs the gamut of emotions, from anger to despair, when Tony is forced to kill his best friend Sal "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero (Vincent Pastore) after he was revealed to be an FBI informant.

5. "Join the Club," Season 6: Though some fans weren't too keen on the parallel universe storyline as Tony finds himself in a coma imagining a different life for himself, Gandolfini got to play a completely different character from Tony: Traveling salesman Kevin Finnerty, who lacked the thick New Jersey accent and toughness we'd grown so accustomed to.

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