Joss Stone


Joss Stone remains less horrified than mystified as to why anyone would want her dead. And in such a brutal manner.

Two months after 35-year-old Kevin Liverpool and 32-year-old Junior Bradshaw were convicted of conspiring to kidnap and murder her, the British soul singer opened up about the murder plot, including the men's alleged threat to decapitate her.

"It was a bit harsh and a little bit odd," the 26-year-old Stone told a U.K. radio station (via The Daily Mail).

The two men were arrested in June 2011 near the pop songbird's country home in Devon, armed with a Samurai sword, knives, hammers, rope and a body bag, and details later emerged in notes they had written out of the grisly way in which they hoped to accomplish their goal before dumping her body in a river.

A court handed Liverpool a life sentence with a minimum of 10 years and eight months to serve. As for his accomplice, Bradshaw's sentencing was delayed pending a psychiatric evaluation.

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Stone, who gave testimony at Liverpool and Bradshaw's trial, added in the interview that she was relieved now "to be able to live [her] life" and will continue residing in Devon where she does most of her writing and recording.

"I can make my music, do the job. I live here and have all these lovely things and sing with all these lovely people," Joss noted. "I can walk down the street which is really special. I can go shopping and nobody bothers me."

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