Watermelon Oreo


Great news for people who think fruit is an acceptable dessert: Oreo has released watermelon Oreos, their new summer flavor!

Even better news for people who think it's offensive to even suggest that fruit parfaits are an appropriate dessert: There's really no fruit involved!

While it could provide a convenient excuse for gluttony ("Watermelon is, like, just water, so these are actually healthy. I can eat the whole box if I want. And I will!"), the cookies, which are available at Target and easily distinguishable based on their green and pink frosting, have caused quite the stir. 

"Watermelon Oreos?? What the f--k is wrong with the world?" one Twitter user lamented. Another (more timely) response: "IF NSA LISTEN TO EVERYTHING! AND STOP PEOPLE MAKING BOMBS! HOW COME THEY NO STOP NABISCO FROM MAKING WATERMELON OREOS!?"

"We chose Watermelon because it is a fun, summer flavor that goes great with the Golden OREO cookie," Oreo spokesperson Kimberly Fontes explained. So, considering the realm of summer flavors, we should all just consider ourselves lucky that Oreo didn't pick, say, hotdogs. Or sunscreen.

(We wouldn't be opposed to trying a piña colada Oreo though. For the record.)

Other sites have published the calorie count for the cookie, but we shall refrain. If you're eating a cookie, do you really care? Does it really matter?

In the past, Oreo has released such special occasion flavors as candy corn and strawberry milkshake. And according to one foodie, you shouldn't judge it till you've tried it: "I am, frankly, SHOCKED.  These were good, REALLY good," blogger Junk Food Guy writes. "These were subtle in flavor, with just enough watermelon to make me smile."

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