If you haven't heard, Google Reader is retiring July 1. Going away, no more, kaput... That means you're going to need an alternative if you want to continue to keep up with all of E! Online's entertainment news via RSS. (And we hope you do.)

Luckily, we've taken the liberty of checking out a few of the more popular RSS readers on the web, and have listed some of our faves below.

The Old Reader: http://theoldreader.com/

If watching '90s sitcom reruns and celebrating Throwback Thursday is your thing, The Old Reader is for you. Currently in beta, The Old Reader is a social RSS reader for users who like an old school experience. The Old Reader keeps it simple with an experience similar to the heyday of Google Reader's past.

Feedly: http://www.feedly.com/

If you like thumbing through magazines, you'll enjoy thumbing through a magazine-style service like Feedly, which works on iOS, Android and your desktop. Feedly makes it super easy for Google Reader users to transition onto their service. It's a scary fast app, so be prepared to flip through your favorite E! stories at lightning speed!

Pulse: https://www.pulse.me/

Sci-fi fans will enjoy a futuristic, polished looking service, and that's Pulse! Pulse takes your RSS feeds and organizes them on a sleek, tile interface. This is great for users who like an image focused, visual experience. Like most alternatives, Pulse is an importing device to make your transition from Google Reader as painless as possible.

NewsBlur: http://newsblur.com/

If you're picky about what you like to read, NewsBlur wants to learn what you enjoy reading. By training the service to learn what you like, dislike, and don't care about, NewsBlur will concentrate on the topics you care about most... like breaking celebrity news! NewsBlur will import your Google Reader feeds, and has a customizable interface. It's free on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android, and offers a premium service as well.

FeedReader: http://www.feedreader.com/

With both a desktop Windows version and an online version, FeedReader is a great option for users who aren't looking to download anything. If you want to search through topics and subscribe to feeds online, this is the reader you want.

NetVibes: http://www.netvibes.com/en

For the local techies, NetVibes is a reader that's been around for awhile and is still kicking! NetVibes is a web-based RSS feed reader that has widgets pulled in from third-party developers. They make it easy to monitor Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. There is a paid version available with features like in-feed search and analytics.

Social Media

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