Henry Cavill's Old Yearbook Photo and Sweet Dog-Walking Past Revealed!

Guaranteed: You're going to love the Man of Steel star even more after reading this story

By Bruna Nessif Jun 19, 2013 2:55 AMTags
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Can you believe that Superman used to go by the nickname "Fat Cavill"?

An old (and kinda adorable) yearbook photo Henry Cavill from his early teen years found its way online—and, to be honest, it doesn't look a whole lot like the Man of Steel star we know and drool over today.

And though we're not seeing where anyone got the "Fat Cavill" thing, the British actor has openly talked about being a victim of bullying when he was younger because of his weight.

"I was fat, I was Fat Cavill," the now-30-year-old heartthrob told Details magazine. "I bawled on the phone to my mom four times a day. I became an easy target."

By the time Cavill was 17, however, he had dropped weight for his role in The Count of Monte Cristo and was already starting to look like leading-man material.

But, as tends to be the case for many aspiring actors, he needed a few side jobs along the way—like dog-walking!

Entertainment writer Gianna Mucci revealed today that Superman AKA Cavill once walked her dog, Buddy.

"I used to walk my rescued malamute, Buddy, by the new neighborhood tapas restaurant in West Hollywood, California, each night," she wrote on Yahoo Movies. "Buddy immediately took to Henry. And I must admit, so did I, almost immediately giving him the moniker 'Hot Henry.'"

A far cry from "Fat Cavill," indeed.

Mucci recalled that Cavill had offered to help her out by walking Buddy from time to time and she had no idea that he was brink of fame—until she heard that he had auditioned to play James Bond.

"It was a whirlwind. One second I saw him nightly and considered him my friend-slash-backup dog walker, and the next he was becoming a movie star. It still doesn't seem real."

The best part of the tale? When Mucci saw Cavill onThe Immortals red carpet, and realized that, regardless of his indisputable arrival on the Hollywood scene, he was still the same sweet guy she knew.

"He immediately recognized me, hugged me and asked me about Buddy. Despite all that had changed in his life, he was still the same Henry—as humble and thoughtful as ever," she wrote. "Before Henry left to do more press, he looked down, and said quietly, 'I miss Buddy.' My heart melted. He was a movie star now, yet he genuinely missed my loving dog."

Looks like the actor formerly known as "Fat Cavill" is now one of the most handsome guys in Hollywood, inside and out.