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The (hot) doctor has left the building...or the city!

The Mindy Project's first season came to a true rom-com close as Mindy (Mindy Kaling) chose to accompany her pastor boyfriend Casey (Anders Holm) on his mission to Haiti...just as it seemed coworker Danny (Chris Messina) was realizing he had feelings for her. Definition of gahhh, are we right?!

But did the romance-challenged-and-obsessed Mindy actually go to Haiti? We caught up with star and writer Ike Barinholtz at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Tex., where he revealed what's next for Mindy's relationship with Casey and Danny leaving New York! (What's that sound? It's the sound of a million fans dropping to their knees and screaming at the TV gods!)

"I think a lot of people are wondering if she went there or not," Barinholtz says of Mindy deciding to go to Haiti with Casey in the season one finale, adding that our heroine did in fact go. "I think it makes sense for her to be there, so we're going to deal with that relationship; finding out if that's still going to work."

But Mindy isn't the only doctor leaving the Big Apple! Barinholtz reveals to us that fans might see Danny living in a new place when we catch up with him in season two. "We're going to see a big change for Danny. He might be living in another state," he spills. "Not just physically, but also mentally." New York City without Danny Castellano?! Fuggedaboutit!

Of course, fans are also dying to know what's ahead for Danny and Mindy after it seemed like he was about to kiss her in the break room at the end of season one. "I feel like we hit that at the end of the season, so it's always underlining, it's always there, but it's not primary focus right now," Barinholtz says of the writers' mindset when it comes to the will-they-or-won't-they pairing post-big finale moment. "We really wanted to have that moment and now we want to see how they deal with that moment."

As for his character Morgan Tookers, a fan favorite who first started off as a recurring role, Barinholtz jokes, "Morgan's still stupid. That's the good news."

Barinholtz would tease that season two could potentially see a romance for the male nurse, as well as "Morgan possibly having to live with Mindy or Danny for a brief period of time...That would be a fun dynamic!"

And while we've heard a lot about Morgan's time in prison, including his performance in the Death of a Salesman, we've yet to witness any hilarious flashbacks, though they could be coming soon as Barinholtz says, "One of the writers pitched a prison-y storyline the other day!"

What do you want to see happen with Danny and Mindy in season two? Sound off in the comments!

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