Kate Middleton, Duchess Catherine, Heidi Agan, Look-A-like

Ikon Pictures; Twitter

Is that you, Kate Middleton?

No, it's just Gabriella Munro-Douglas, a Windsor woman who's cashing in on looking like Prince William's pregnant wife.

The 26-year-old brunette, who definitely strikes a resemblance to the famous royal and mom-to-be, recently began working as a Kate look-alike. And get this: Munro-Douglas can make up to $1,565 per appearance!

"I had people asking if I would pose topless after the duchess was snapped on holiday in France," she tells the Daily Mail. "I don't want to tarnish Kate's image and do not want to do anything to damage mine or her reputation."

While she turned down the topless gig, Munro-Douglas does often meet with fans in public and pose for pics outside Windsor Castle

"It is so much fun being Kate's look-alike and people are so nice and friendly to me all the time," she admits. "But getting mobbed is quite bizarre and is like a snapshot of being a celebrity. In a few minutes I go from being my normal self to putting my dress on and people following me around. When they start to crowd around it can be intimidating."

Just imagine what the real Kate Middleton goes through!

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