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The Hamptons are undergoing some renovations this summer!

Revenge will be returning this fall without three key players who have been with the ABC sudser since the beginning: Creator Mike Kelley will not be returning as showrunner, Connor Paolo's character Declan was killed off in the season two finale, and, most recently, it was announced that Ashley Madekwe would not be returning as a series regular.

"It's the nature of a show like Revenge," fan favorite Gabriel Mann exclusively told E! News at the 2013 Monte Carlo TV Festival of the series' recent change-ups. But how did he learn of Madekwe's exit? And is it difficult to say goodbye to his castmembers? And could his beloved character Nolangulp!be next?!

"I learned about Ashley leaving from Ashley," Gabriel revealed when asked how he learned of Madekwe's surprising departure, before acknowledging that no one is safe on a series like Revenge. "We've been made aware of it from the very first season that any of us could go at any time. So we were all under the impression that we are on a ticking clock to a certain point. But the beauty of Revenge is that nobody ever really leaves, so when they say that Ashley is leaving, I don't think it is quite as cut and dry as that."

Mann admitted to us that it's hard to see his castmembers leave the show, saying, "Connor is one of my dear friends, I just talked to him this weekend. The biggest thing I have to do is remind myself that when they die on the show they don't really die in real life. But whether it be Lydia Davis, played by Amber Valleta, or Margarita [Levieva], who played Amanda Clarke, or Connor as Declan, or anybody on the show, it's hard to see them go. I'm blessed to be working with an incredible group of actors who I really enjoy. So it's a mixed bag. At some point you might have to say goodbye to Nolan, you never know."

Nolan...dead?! We shudder at the thought of losing our witty billionaire sidekick!

So is it hard working under the pressure of knowing your character can be killed off at any moment?

"I think working under those circumstances, knowing that your character can go at any time, actually keeps you on your toes. I think one of the things about working on television is that you can start to phone in your performance at a certain point. But if any episode may be your last and you know that, it keeps you on your game," Mann explained. "So I don't mind it. I kind of like it. I think all of the actors feel like if our characters dying in some way serves the larger plotline and storyline of the show, so be it. But being friends behind the scenes gives it a bit of a different viewing, it makes it bittersweet when we lose a character on the show. But it's the nature of the beast, it's a brutal business."

Were you bummed to hear Madekwe would not be returning? Will you miss Ashley and Declan? Sound off in the comments!

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