Courtney Stodden, Boob Job

Glen McCurtayne/Coleman-Rayner

The bandages have come off!

After recently undergoing breast augmentation surgery, Courtney Stodden is finally revealing her plastic surgeon's handiwork.

"I just love the way my shape looks," the teen bride exclusively tells E! News about going from a size C to a size D. "It adds more curves and it just makes me feel more sexy and more like a woman."

But the 18-year-old insists husband Doug Hutchison did not encourage to get the job done.

"No one encouraged me, it was all me," Stodden says. "He was actually kind of against it at first and we got into little debates about it, but I won and here I am."

Here you are indeed, Courtney!

—Reporting by James Sullivan

For more on Courtney's body transformation, be sure to tune into E! News on Tuesday at 7 pm and 11:30 p.m.

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