Desiree, The Bachelorette

Color us skeptical, but it sure sounds like Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock might not have found her one true love on the show.

TV's best rose counter (and today's Katie cohost) Chris Harrison gave E! News the lowdown on what's coming up on The Bachelorette, hinting at some serious drama ahead.  "It really takes off and gets explosive and emotional," he reveals. "It was a slow start to the season, but it gets going really good in the next couple weeks. It really takes off."

When asked if the guy Desiree chooses is a better fit for her than Bachelor Sean Lowe who booted her off his own season, Harrison paused and then mused: "Um, well, it depends on if she ends up with anybody."

So does that mean she pulls a Kelly Taylor and picks no one in the end? "We haven't said anything about how the season ends," Harrison says, "but I can tell you that Des is in for an emotional, wild ride before we get to the end. It's definitely not what everybody is going to think. It's a tough one. I liked going through it with her, and not to speak for everybody, but I thinks she represents the normal, average woman very well. I think she's incredibly relatable."

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Chris Harrison

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As a further sign of a possibly shocking finale, Harrison hints that viewers might not be completely thrilled with all of Des' choices on the show (which hits Atlantic City tonight and then travels all over the world). "Desiree doesn't try to worry about what everybody is going to think about her decision," he tells us. "She shows her true emotions. She doesn't try to be cool. I like that about her."

The long-time Bachelor host (who's soon launching a new dating site, joins Katie Couric to cohost her daytime show Katie today, for a special Bachelorette-themed show. "I had never met her before, I didn't know her," Harrison says of Couric. "But obviously being a student of the game, I'm a huge fan and think she's awesome. And I was so excited and a little anxious to meet her and cohost for the day."

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And, spoiler(?) alert! In today's Katie special, Desiree has a moment where she can't remember the name of Ben Scott (who so far has been featured heavily), which certainly makes it seem he doesn't get the final rose. But Harrison insists it has nothing to do with Ben's longevity on the show, explaining of the mistake: "Des was telling a story and looking out into the audience, she got nervous and said, ‘Wait, who are we even talking about?'"

Still, if Desiree does pick a guy (and that's a big if) we probably aren't putting our money on Ben, who brings on much, much more drama in tonight's new episode, per Harrison.


Who are you rooting for, Bachelor Nation? Do you think Des will pick anyone? Sound off in the comments!

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