Check Out Lindsay Lohan's First Ugly Betty Appearance!

By Kristin Dos Santos May 07, 2008 1:00 AMTags
Ugly Betty, Lindsay Lohan, America FerreraABC/KAREN NEAL

Well, well, well, look who decided to join us today? Lindsay Lohan! Yep, LiLo herself, pictured above with America Ferrera in the season finale of Ugly Betty, joins the cast May 15 as a "mean girl from high school who suddenly resurfaces in Betty’s life." Her character will also appear in five episodes next season. What do you think? Does she fit into the show? 


Meanwhile, you heard about Betty's big move to New York City, right? Sources connected to the show confirmed to me it's true that Ugly Betty will be produced in the fashion capital itself next season—but news of the move from L.A. to NYC seems to have shocked the cast as much as anyone!

Funny enough, as I type this I am sitting at tonight's American Idol live performance behind Alec Mapa, who plays the sassy TV reporter who dishes on the latest Mode scandals. He just told me he's still reeling from the news of the relocation. "I heard that today. It's so crazy!"

Alec said all the castmembers "literally just bought houses"—including Ana Ortiz and Michael Urie—and that he was "stunned" that they're actually moving. Production resumes June 30, and Alec doesn't yet know if he'll be back, but tells me, "I hope so. I guess I'll be racking up my frequent-flier miles if so!" Here's hoping we see more of him. Love that guy.

Will the move boost Betty's truthiness factor, or is it just a ratings ploy? Weigh in below with your thoughts on that at and LiLo! 

(P.S.: Pray for Jason Castro. It's not going well...Gulp.)