Man of Steel's Henry Cavill Goes Shirtless in National Guard Ad—Watch Now!

Hunky actor was seen training in a National Guard advertisement

By Lily Harrison Jun 17, 2013 5:44 PMTags
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Some real-life heroes are getting tips from a cinema superhero.

Man of Steel's Henry Cavill is seen training shirtless for his role as Superman in the Soldier of Steel advertising campaign for the National Guard.

Raising kettlebells and massive weights, the British hunk gets a sweaty workout in while he pushes himself to the limits, something that the National Guard felt was a perfect inspiration for their recruits.

Maj. Greg Galligan of the National Guard's advertising branch said that they approached Warner Bros. to collaborate on the campaign.

"This was definitely the biggest campaign [of its kind] that we've ever done," Galligan told Mother Jones.

"Every day you walk past Clark Kent, then he changes into his uniform—similar to what we do here in the military," Specialist Jarrett Seigle explained of the partnership.

Cavill showcases his transformation into Superman with rigorous training sessions and offers motivational tips for success to future members of the Guard.