Jackson family cousin Austin Brown is speaking out against bullying.

Brown, who was bullied from the time he was seven until 13, has been participating in the Friend Movement's "The New F Word" anti-bullying campaign, which is designed to empower and inspire people to take action.

"There's so many kids being bullied and being pressured into things, and they're not really able to express who they are and to really be themselves, so the Friend Movement is really tackling the issue of bullying and how it can affect your life from a kid up into adulthood," Brown told E! News. "So, we're trying to raise awareness on really just to be nice to people, really be able to express who you are, be who you want to be and just live life as honest as possible and not have to worry about people judging you."

"I was bullied growing up," he continued. "Being a kid in Southern California, you listen to different music, you dress different, your family may do something differently...kids are going to find really harsh and mean things to say. So, you've just got to create that rhinoceros skin and keep it pushing. You can't let anyone detour you from being who you want to become."

The 27-year-old son of Michael Jackson's sister Rebbie said his family and friends helped him get through the tough times when he was bullied in school.

"Having a good support system, having a good family, having good friends really helped me to just realize that people are going to deal with their own insecurities and their own problems in their own way," he went on. "Don't let them bestow that on you and get down on yourself."

Brown is set to take the stage July 1 at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles for the Friend Movement's benefit concert, which LeAnn Rimes is headlining. 

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