Tom Hanks Posts Graphic Video of His Elbow Surgery—It's Pretty Gross (and Funny)!

Oscar winner shares footage of him cracking jokes while a doc cures him of bursitis (ew!)

By Natalie Finn Jun 15, 2013 1:04 AMTags
Tom Hanks, WhoSayTom Hanks/WhoSay

TMI, Tom Hanks!

The two-time Oscar winner underwent a procedure to relieve bursitis (the build-up of fluid) in his elbow yesterday—and he recorded the whole thing and put it on WhoSay!

And yes, it's gross...

But also funny, thanks to Hanks' trademark sense of humor.

"My elbow is being drained," the currently mustachioed actor, lying on his stomach, said by way of setting the scene as his doctor approached with a syringe. "What does it look like?"

"Red," the doctor replied. "Red stuff," Hanks echoed. "Hey, I don't feel a thing."

"Another syringe," he continued to narrate. "Two syringes! How 'bout that? Double-barreled. Look at the fill-up. Look at that, baby! There you go...Yowzas."

"Is it blood, or is it just bloody?" Hanks inquired. "Just bloody," the doctor said.

"I had bursitis," Hanks explained to the camera, "not to be confused with lumbago."

That's OK, Tom, we won't.

Warning: There will be blood! This video is not for the squeamish—so if you just want to hear Tom cracking jokes, crank up the volume and look the other way...