Donald Trump, Danny Zucker

Slaven Vlasic/John M. Heller/Getty Images

Another day, another Donald Trump Twitter feud.

This time, the outspoken 67-year-old engaged in a war of words with Modern Family show writer Danny Zuker. Get ready, because this heated exchange is actually highly entertaining—and funny!

Trump: "I've been warning about China since as early as the 80's. No one wanted to listen. Now our country is in real trouble. #TimetoGetTough."

Zuker: "@realDonaldTrump You've always been tough on China, sir. Particularly the children who make your s---ty clothes," along with this pic.

Danny Zucker, Donald Trump, Twit Pic


Trump: "@DannyZuker You're starting up again because people have forgotten you. You wouldn't take my bet but it's still open--$1M to you or charity if you win."

Trump: "@DannyZuker Danny—Let your bosses on Modern Family lend you the money to play the game. Show courage!"

Zuker: "@realDonaldTrump Your insults need work. Here's one I've been working on: ‘Every picture you post of yourself is a d--k pic.' See?"

Trump: "I can't resist hitting lightweight @DannyZuker verbally when he starts up because he is pathetic and easy (stupid)!"

Trump: "Just tried watching Modern Family - written by a moron, really boring. Writer has the mind of a very dumb and backward child. Sorry Danny!"

Zuker: "@realDonaldTrump Since you're unable to manufacture decent comebacks maybe you could outsource the job to China. #LOL #Trumpelstiltskin."

Trump: "Lightweight @DannyZuker is too stupid to see that China (and others) is destroying the U.S. economically and our leaders are helpless! SAD."

Zuker: "@realDonaldTrump I'm def too stupid to see how manufacturing your s---ty clothes in China while you bloviate about them isn't hypocritical."

Zuker: "@realDonaldTrump Doesn't like the show I work on but then we've never tested well with the racist, hypocritical, multiple bankruptcy demo."

Zuker: "Clearly the one thing @realDonaldTrump DIDN'T inherit from his daddy was a thesaurus. #Loser #Dummy #Lightweight."

Zuker: "Bye for now, @realDonaldTrump. I have a busy night of not grandstanding to put the wrong people to death in the Central Park Mugging case."

Zuker: "@realDonaldTrump ‘Happy Birthday, Boss!'" along with this pic.

Danny Zucker, Donald Trump, Twit Pic


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