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Paris Jackson is on the long road to recovery.

"She has a couple weeks of very intense therapy [ahead of her] before anything else happens," a source close to the situation exclusively tells E! News. "Where she does it all depends on the best place."

The insider says that Paris' family would like her to stay in a treatment facility, but no decisions have been made—about that or where the 15-year-old now plans to spend her summer.

The source confirms that the plan before Michael Jackson's daughter was hospitalized June 5 following an alleged suicide attempt was for her to spend the summer with her biological mother, Debbie Rowe. The pair had rekindled their relationship in recent months and E! News has been told following her hospitalization that Paris had been yearning for a closer mother-daughter bond.

"The plan was to spend time with her mother and enjoy her company," the source says. They "have become very close." They share a love of animals and, "when [Paris] is out at the ranch, she doesn't have bodyguards or drivers. It is a lot more of a normal setting."

We're also told that Paris' reported overdose didn't occur "out of the clear blue" and that this isn't the first time Paris has received treatment at UCLA Medical Center, where she was transferred Sunday night from Children's Hospital in Calabasas.

"She has been seeking treatment periodically over the past year" while "wrestling depression," the source says.

Meanwhile, despite what we were told was Paris' anger at her mother when she felt that Rowe had sided with her coguardian T.J. Jackson on too many issues, Rowe has continued to visit Paris at the hospital and there are currently no bad feelings between them.

But, a source close to the Jacksons adds, if Paris goes ahead and spends the summer with Rowe, it will be because everyone has decided that it's in her best interests.

Contrary to any word of wariness between Paris' grandmother and coguardian, Katherine Jackson, and Rowe, we're told that they "talk constantly, on a daily basis, about the well-being of the children and Paris especially."

There is no need for a legal custody change, added the source familiar with the situation, because "Debbie spends the time with Paris that she needs...[Paris] has been staying with Debbie...on the weekends and on some other days. Debbie will pick her up and drive her back and forth to school."

Where the teen goes this summer, however, is up in the air. "It boils down to what happens after therapy," the source says.

—Additional reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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