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Is Harry Styles going solo?

Yesterday, a new song called "Don't Let Me Go" featuring vocals by Styles hit the web, which prompted One Direction fans to wonder whether the 19-year-old may be gearing up to release his own music sans his four other bandmates.

But hold your horses, 1D fans. The song is anything but Styles' solo debut.

"Please note this is not a Harry Styles solo song," a rep for the boy band tells E! News. "It was a demo they worked on over a year ago that was being considered for a One Direction song. Sometimes the boys write and record separately as they work on new material but please make it clear this is not a solo release."

The rep confirms it is Styles' voice, but it's only "a demo for a One Direction song."

And there you have it.

—Reporting by Marcus Mulick

What do you think? Should Harry go solo? Sound off below. 

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