Amanda Bynes Apologizes to Drake: "I Didn't Mean What I Said"

Actress backtracks on recent slams in which she called the rapper "ugly" on Twitter

By Peter Gicas Jun 14, 2013 5:44 PMTags
Amanda Bynes, DrakeTwitter; WireImage

It looks like Amanda Bynes might now be feeling a wee bit differently about Drake.

"I'm sorry about the tweets I said about @drake I didn't mean what I said. I hope to become friends with him instead of smashing him!" the actress tweeted on Friday.

Her apology no doubt stems from her recent slams against the rapper in which she repeatedly called him "ugly" on Twitter.


What's more, it seems as if Bynes also had love on her mind this morning, tweeting: "You know you're in love with someone when you don't want to go a minute without talking to them or seeing them" and "Everybody's made for someone. You're lucky if you find them or they find you."

Meanwhile, no word yet from Drake regarding Bynes' obvious change of heart.