Talk about a space cadet.

Matt Damon launches into full-on action-hero mode in the latest trailer for Elysium, the highly anticipated sci-fi thriller that finds society's rarefied few living in luxury in an orbital space station while the rest of humanity languishes in squalor on a desolate and chaotic Earth.

We've already gotten an early peek at the film, director Neill Blomkamp's follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2009 debut District 9, but this latest trailer offers the most exhaustive glimpse yet of Damon's interstellar crusader as he attempts to infiltrate the titular space station.

In it, we learn more about the backstory of his character, Max de Costa, a lowly laborer who has a heated run-in with a robotic trooper before later suffering a tragic mishap that leaves him lethally sick.

As he searches for a cure, he's transformed into a quasi-mechanical warrior and infiltrates Elysium, where a foreboding Jodie Foster seems hell-bent on protecting the status quo and thwarting his attack.

The film is certainly shaping up to be a terrific return to action-hero form for Damon, who recently won raves for his performance as Liberace's lover opposite Michael Douglas in the HBO biopic Behind the Candelabra.

And if Blomkamp's track record is any indication, Damon's prospects are looking up: District 9 drummed up $210 worldwide and managed to score an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.

Elysium hits theaters on Aug. 9.

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