Wendy's Soft serve Ice Cream Eater


Fast food employees, what is going on with you?! Your job is simple: You make French fries, hand out hamburgers and, if you're lucky, you get to wear that drive-thru headset from time to time. Wearing that headset seems really awesome. 

So news flash: Stop doing gross stuff to the food! And if you are physically incapable of not licking stuff and eating food and sticking who knows what where, then first of all, c'mon, bro. C'mon. And second, don't take pictures of it!

If you were to sum up the latest incident, Clue-style, it would be: It was that dude in the Wendy's with the Frosty machine (not even chocolate Frosty, which would be slightly more excusable, but the vanilla kind. Which...why?!)

The photo surfaced on Reddit ("I was going to buy a frosty from Wendys until I saw the employee do this," the poster wrote) and went viral. Wendy's later responded via Twitter, "Unacceptable. The person in this photo is no longer at this Wendy's. We will be reinforcing proper procedures."

This is one in a recent string of incidents involving fast food workers doing the kinds of things you don't want done with food you could possibly end up eating. The other week, a Taco Bell employee got to second base (makeout sesh, some over the shirt action) with a stack of tacos.

Taco Bell Guy


The Taco Bell employee was fired. Duh. Of course he was fired.

And you'll be fired too. So take a second, McDonalds employee planning to see how many Chicken McNuggets you can shove up your nose. Really think about what you're about to do, Subway sandwich artist ready to take some seductive, semi-nude selfies on the sandwich station. And put down the camera, Burger King worker who's about to perform unspeakable acts on a Whopper.

Now do it.

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