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With Father's Day happening this weekend, several stars have taken a moment to share what dear old Dad has taught them.

So, let's take a look and see what some famous folks had to say about their pops in the June issue of Popular Mechanics.

Who knows? Maybe we can all learn something new here.

Popular Mechanics Cover

Jennifer Lawrence "My dad always told me, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' And have a good sense of humor."

Brad Pitt "My dad took my brother and me fishing all the time—seemed like we'd go every weekend. Dad taught me how to cast the rod."

Ty Pennington: "Anything you can imagine is possible, but chances are it won't work on your first try. Take what you learned on the first attempt and don't make the same mistakes again."

Julie Chen "Let the coals burn for at least half-hour before you grill. Simple act, but it contains lessons from my dad about patience and trusting the process."

Mike Rowe: "Chop your own wood; it'll warm you twice!"

Mario Andretti: "What I got from Dad was a set of principles. For him family, patriotism and courage were everything."

Ty Murray: "I was 4 when Dad taught me to ride. He'd run alongside me and hold on to my belt. It was like training wheels for a cowboy."

Bill Nye: "The granny knot just won't work for a bow tie. You must use the square bow. My dad taught me that. He gave me my signature."

Mark Cuban: "My dad was never big on sit-down advice sessions, but he certainly popped out some nuggets. My favorite is, 'Today is the youngest you will ever be; live like it.'"

Mike Tyson "You should always do things that build your character and make you a better individual."

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