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You know it's going to be an emotional season when the actors can't get through a table read without crying. And that's exactly what happened when the True Blood cast sat down to read a particularly shocking episode from the new season: one where a major character is killed off.

"It's heartbreaking," Ryan Kwanten told us about the table read. "I was actually quite surprised that we had survived as long as we have without any true main cast dying. It was tough; even in the table read when we knew that this character was going to go, there were tears galore."

Chris Bauer put it more frankly:

"It sucked! When you get used to being around somebody and get to know them both as their character and who they are, it's just not fair to see them go," he said.

So how does a show like True Blood honor the departure of a regular castmember? With a bloody treat, of course.

"The table read was really sad, heartfelt. That person cried. We all clapped, and then in True Blood fashion, we had red velvet cake," Joe Manganiello revealed to us. "When someone dies, they serve red velvet cake. Like, bloody cake, and you eat it ceremoniously, which is kind of what werewolves do."

To hear more from the cast of True Blood, including Alexander Skarsgård's take on the "emotional" storyline, watch our exclusive interviews below!

The new season of True Blood premieres this Sunday on HBO.

Who do you think is going to bite the big one this season? Weigh in by taking our poll!

True Blood Death
Who will bite it in season six?
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