Snooki, Instagram


Snooki has a message for the haters.

The pint-sized Jersey Shore star flexed her growing bicep muscles for the camera while wearing a "gymaholic" shirt during her workout today, which she posted on Instagram to slam those who now claim the reality star, who has lost 42 pounds and counting, is "too skinny."

So what does she have to say to that?

"'Too skinny' my ass. #FIT," she wrote.

It's no surprise that Snooks has evolved (both physically and mentally) since her days on the small screen, and along with a strict diet and workout routine, motherhood and soon becoming a missus, the tiny meatball explains that her changing is just a part of life. And she's happy about it.

"People always say'ur not the same Snooki.'As sure as hell hope not.People change,they mature& GROW up. It was time & I'm better than ever," she tweeted.

You tell 'em, girl.

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