Steven Tyler

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Despite being open about his past issues with substance abuse, Steven Tyler doesn't entirely regret his drug use.

The Aerosmith frontman appeared on Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show where he dished on his infamous 2009 tumble offstage, his rampant drug use in the 1970s as well as his American Idol gig.

And it's safe to say he's not holding back.

"I apologized for falling off stage," Tyler told Stern while admitting he was high during the epic fall. "I was afraid I would never be in Aerosmith again."

His bandmates were not entirely forgiving of Tyler's traumatic tumble: 

"Well you know and the guys were being wise-asses, 'Well you sit on a stool,' and I said, 'I'll sit on a stool Joe [Perry], if you play ukulele," he said. "I was depressed, I was crying, I couldn't walk."

He continued, explaining how drugs were responsible for his demise while also confessing he needed some synthetic help to get through Aerosmith's grueling tour schedule.

"Drugs took me down," he admitted. "Yes, it got us through the '70s, if it wasn't for Peruvian marching powder, we wouldn't have been able to do what we did. From the '70s to 79, we played every state except Alaska and Hawaii."

Stern subsequently pressed Steven for more, asking whether drugs got him through those tough years on tour, and the rocker responded without any hesitation, "I know it did," he confessed.

As for Tyler's American Idol gig? The 65-year-old music legend said he wasn't a fan of the format and adopted a "gentle" judging approach because he "couldn't imagine telling some girl or J.Lo telling some girl she sucks and she can't sing so for the rest of her life she's not singing."

So then why did he sign up for the singing competition? Well, it all goes back to his 2009 collapse.

"I took it because I was pissed off at the band. I fell offstage and nobody called me and I was also on drugs, so I held the grudge," he admitted before adding, "You know those guys suck, but I love ‘em to f--king death."

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