Game of Cones

Game of Thrones' season is over, most of its main characters are dead and you're basically still utterly wrecked over the Red Wedding episode. Breathe. Do yoga. It's going to be OK.

In fact, a bit of help is on the way for the GoT-related hole in your life—and it's seriously sweet.

Foursquare and HBO have teamed up for a "Game of Cones" summer promo, which helps you deal with depression in the way you're accustomed to: with large quantities of ice cream.

The contest is now underway and will run until the first day of summer, June 21.

The most popular ice cream spots—let's call them "houses"—in NYC and San Francisco have been pitted against one another for ice cream supremacy over the realm.

To get involved and join the—ahem—battle, just check in on Foursquare at your fave ice cream spot in one of those two cities to boost its rankings, and access special deals to boot.

Ice cream shops will be tracked on a leaderboard; right now Big Gay is currently out in front of the pack. (Heeeeeey!)

The winning spot in both cities will win an extremely Game of Thrones-fan-friendly prize: an iron cone. (Yes, that would be a cone made of iron and yes, it will be filled with real ice cream.)

How's that for sweet consolation to get you through to next season?

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