Joan Rivers

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Joan Rivers is celebrating her birthday, and with each passing year brings an abundance of fabulous new wisdom.

We recently sat down with Fashion Police for an exclusive interview where she dished on all things, including her hilarious perspective on dating, and we have to say—it's sound advice!

When asked if she's currently single and ready to mingle, she quipped, "Any man that is eligible for me is dead. Sometimes I just go to funerals and cry so people think I had a social life. I just hang around coffins and go, 'We had so much fun!'"

Well, there's one way to pack a social calendar! 

Reflecting on a previous romance, Rivers still finds the silver lining: "The last man I was with, it was nine years, he died three years ago. No, it's wonderful because you can gain weight and you can let your stomach go." 

And with all of that aforementioned gluttony, you better believe the funny lady has a style secret she's willing to share—which might come in handy for future dates: "I am wearing Spanx now, and even the Spanx go 'Ugh!'" 

Oh, Joan. Spanx or no Spanx, we're in full support of your awesome sense of humor. 

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