Jordana Brewster is excited about the newest member of her Fast & Furious family.

Leaving a luncheon at L.A. restaurant Son of a Gun today, she was asked by paparazzi gathered outside how she felt about Jason Statham (spoiler alert!) joining the franchise. The Brit has a cameo at the end of Fast & Furious 6 and is in the mix for No. 7.

"I think it's awesome," Brewster said. "I saw him one weekend it opened, we were on the same flight, and he was very sweet, so I'm glad."

And, if the F&F team needs a member who can crack open a walnut with his bum, Brewster now knows who to recommend.

She wasn't previously aware of Gerard Butler's superhuman ability (sorry about that, Jordana), which he revealed on a German talk show in a segment that immediately went viral. But it turns out that she doesn't find that skill extremely appealing.

And she probably doesn't want to dip into the same snack bowl as the Scottish actor now, either.

"Hopefully those nuts were thrown away," Brewster, er, cracked.

—Reporting by James Sullivan

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