Melissa McCarthy Looks Skinnier in The Heat Poster, Critics Irked

Sandra Bullock's costar appears to have been given Photoshop treatment

By Rebecca Macatee Jun 11, 2013 5:50 PMTags
Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, The Heat Poster20th Century Fox

Does Melissa McCarthy look a little different to you on this poster for The Heat? If you said yes, you're not the only one who thinks so.

A U.K. promotional image of the actress and costar Sandra Bullock has many speculating whether Photoshop was used to make McCarthy's face appear slimmer. And for the most part, critics are not happy with this purported skinny makeover.

Buzzfeed coyly remarked that McCarthy "looks…different" in the U.K. poster, then proceeded to compare actual images to those purportedly altered.  Jezebel commented that McCarthy's "face and neck appear to have gotten some copious 'Shopping treatment on the UK poster for The Heat."

British entertainment blog The Shiznit  created a rollover image of the poster, showcasing the difference between McCarthy's poster face and what they believe her actual, undoctored face would look like on the same shot.

"Are they trying to pretend it's not her?" the blogger muses. "Surely the whole point of The Heat's dynamic in the first place is that Sandra Bullock's character is skinny and prissy and uptight and Melissa McCarthy's character is bigger and bolshier and her diametric opposite? I'm flabbergasted at this flabby-blasting."

20th Century Fox had no comment.