Ben and Jerry's Truck

Have you ever considered what your city would taste like? (We imagine L.A. would have notes of sea salt, celebrity-backed fragrance and traffic.)

Now's your chance to find out, thanks to those brilliant, ever-churning minds over at Ben & Jerry's. The sweets company is kicking off a new campaign in which residents of cities around the country will get a chance to play a part in the creation of their local flavors.

The "City Churned" crowdsourcing campaign kicks off in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, New York, Portland and Seattle, where each city will have its own microsite that will track the votes and ideas of residents. Over the course of several weeks, Ben & Jerry's will add up the activities of each city, and translate them into special flavors.

Sound mysterious? Here's how it works. In New York, for example, on-time subway trains will count as votes for either waffle cone pieces or caramel, depending on the train line. In Seattle, support for chocolate or vanilla will be determined by the number of plaid versus plain shirts on the streets.

It may not be highly scientific, but we're pretty sure it's going to be delicious.
The campaign will officially kick off in each market when the brand's Scoop Truck rolls into each city as part of its East and West Coast sampling tour. Stalk the truck on Twitter at @BenJerrysTruck or @BenJerrysWest to hunt down your noms.

And let the creamy culture wars begin!

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