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Editor's Note: Season six Bachelorette and current host of NBC's 1st Look Ali Fedotowsky is blogging exclusively on E! Online about the current season of The Bachelorette, giving her reactions and spilling behind-the-scenes secrets.

Week three…it's all about two things this week: girlfriend drama and Brooks.

Every season, there is some sort of physical date that is terrifying for the Bachelorette to watch. You saw Desiree cringe while watching the guys compete, and I don't blame her…especially after Brooks got injured! However, I have to say that I was surprised when Desiree didn't insist on going to the hospital with him. It makes me question whether or not he is The One in the end. I get that the other guys were there and she didn't want to leave all of them, but wouldn't you probably leave to be with a guy if you really cared for him? But at the same time, as the Bachelorette, sometimes you feel like you can't make those decisions. Maybe she wanted to go and Brooks is the guy for her. That kiss at the end of the night sure made it seem like he's a front-runner. That was romantic! Gave me goosebumps! Time will tell if he's the one for her in the end.

I saw on Twitter that a lot of you wondered why she didn't give Brooks the group-date rose. She probably wanted to, but couldn't. He just had a one-on-one date last episode and it would be too obvious that she's into him if she gave him a rose at this point. He was one of two guys kissed on the group date as well, so she's definitely into him.

Now for the girlfriend drama. I honestly don't know how to feel about this. Brian's girlfriend was obviously very passionate about their relationship status, and she was very...dramatic. Do I think they had a relationship when he left for the show? Probably. Do I think it was healthy? No. I'm not defending him, because he lied, but maybe this was his way of moving on. Or maybe he actually was playing his girlfriend and the "seven other girls" he had allegedly been dating. Regardless, Desiree wasn't into him and she was absolutely right to send him home.

Usually the person that does the "scary" date goes far in the show, but I think it's pretty clear that Des isn't into Kasey. She was sweet about it though and gave him a rose. And I am glad she did. He didn't get a full date, so I'm sure he would've felt cheated if he was sent home. Honestly though, I think Desiree could have easily sent him home tonight. She already knows he isn't the one. Isn't it obvious?

I have to say, I find it so funny that they replaced the cocktail party with a pool party. It's basically the same thing, but with far less clothes! Maybe that should be the new normal, and to shake things up next time they will have the "cocktail party" at a nudist beach! Too far? OK, fine. Moving on…

Even if Brandon really did love Desiree, it was too soon to tell her! In real life, there's no such thing as too soon (I believe in love at first sight!), but on a show like this, it's overwhelming. It's unfortunate, but you have to give the Bachelorette time to explore her feelings for all the guys, and Brandon just jumped in too deep, too soon. He kind of reminded me of Kasey from my season. I was expecting him to break out in song! Ha! Desiree did the right thing to send him home now before his feelings grew even stronger.

After tonight, I feel like it seems too obvious that Brooks would be the guy in the end. Therefore, I am sticking with my belief that he is going to be the next Bachelor. Every season the producers/editors play up one person's story so we fall in love with them, see them get their heart broken, and they feel invested in them finding love again. So far the only love connection I am really drawn to is the love story between Desiree and Brooks. Could this mean it's edited this way and he is the next Bachelor? Maybe. Could it mean that his connection with Desiree is so strong that we can't help but be drawn to it? That could be true, too. But if the later were the case, I think the editors would have edited out that kiss at the end of the group date. I'm trying to dissect this season by seeing through the editing, and right now the editing is screaming that Brooks will be the next Bachelor.

One more thing on this: I feel like Desiree must have a really strong connection with one of the other guys that we haven't really seen yet. Maybe the editors of the show are hiding it from us!

Time for my favorite part of this blog: Questions from my Twitter followers!

Shawna (@hudsonwife16): @alifedotowsky @eonline If u really had feelings for one guy can you stop the process and say he's The One and end the seasons early?
To be honest, no, you can't end the season early. Even if Desiree thought early on that she knew they guys she wanted to pick, she wouldn't be allowed to end the season early. This is a TV show after all. That said, she really wouldn't want to. One of the great things about The Bachelorette is that you are given a chance to date a bunch of different types of guys to see what type of guy is best for you. It is important to give each guy a chance even if you think you know who is best for you early on.

Jessica (jpkcope): If they ever asked you to come back on as a Bachelorette would you, and if you did, would you do different this time?
No, I wouldn't. Mainly because I am happily committed to someone, but also because I had my chance and it didn't work out for me in the long run. I went on the show because I believe in fate and thought this show could be the way I was supposed to meet my future husband. Now I know that I'm not supposed to find love on The Bacheorette; rather I'm supposed to find love through The Bachelorette/because of The Bachelorette. Does that make sense? I am so happy with my life now that I see no reason to try reality love again.

Whitley (@whitelyGaffney): Is the Bachelorette allowed to say no when people try to pull them away?
Of course, you can say no if you want. But it is really hard to say no. All of these guys are there for you and giving up certain things in their lives to be there for you. So it's really hard to turn them down when they want time with you. You want to give everyone time, but at the same time it is the worst when someone comes and pulls you away from a guy you really like.

That's I'll I've got folks. Make sure to follow me on Twitter at @alifedotowsky because I live-tweet about this crazy show every week and may choose your question to answer in my blog next week.

Until next time…


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