The Lone Ranger Behind-the-Scenes Cowboy Boot Camp Video—Watch Armie Hammer and Ruth Wilson Saddle Up!

E! News has an exclusive sneak peak at the training the movie's stars underwent to prepare for filming the highly anticipated blockbuster

By Josh Grossberg Jun 11, 2013 4:00 PMTags

To become The Lone Ranger, Armie Hammer first had to learn to be a cowboy.

E! News has an exclusive behind the scenes look at the bootcamp the actor underwent to take on the iconic role in the highly anticipated blockbuster—from learning how to be quick on the draw to using a lasso and riding a horse.

All for "fun" as he put it.

VIDEO: Watch The Lone Ranger trailer

"Here at the boot camp we're spending a lot of time working with horses and guns. Working with lassos," he says in the clip, courtesy of Disney. "I would say I'm still at the awkward stage."

Joining him for the training was his costar Ruth Wilson, who got to learn how to be a cowgirl. 

Aside from getting saddle sore, one thing Armie however wasn't so keen one of Silver's six stand-ins.

"There are six white horses. Leroy happens to be one of them. Don't tell him but he's not my favorite," quipped the actor.

The Lone Ranger, also starring Johnny Depp as Tonto, rides into theaters on July 3.